Understanding Paid To Click (PTC)

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Paid to Click (PTC) is the term that is used to describe when a person gets paid for clicking and viewing an advertisement(s) at a PTC website.

How Paid to Click (PTC) Works

Get it? Paid…To…Click!

Paid to Click is a simple business model that means you get paid to view a website that someone (advertiser) is paying to get traffic to their website.

Companies and Individuals alike NEED and must have TRAFFIC to their website in order to make sales.

That is where a PTC website comes into play. The PTC website acts as the middle-man between the advertiser and the member.

The Advertiser pays a certain amount of money for a specific number of views to their website and the PTC website delivers the traffic by paying their members to visit the website.

The PTC website pays the members who view the advertisements a specific amount of money. Simply put, the Advertiser is paying you to view their website, and the PTC website is the middle-man that makes it happen.

How much PTC websites pay to view an advertisement depends on that PTC website. Most range from $.001 to $.02. $.001 being the shortest advertisements (5 seconds) and $.02 being the longest advertisements (60 seconds) Some PTC websites pay more or less.

Amount paid for viewing advertisements

Every PTC website is unique in its own way.

After the member (you) clicks enough advertisements you can withdraw your money to a payment processor, then you can withdrawal your money to your bank account or keep the money in your payment processor.

PTC websites also offer more ways to make money, but more on that later. Click Next Lesson to learn how to get started at Paid to Click websites! (New Lessons are published every week)

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