Tips To Be Successful With Paid To Click (PTC)

Paid to Click is a simple business model that allows anyone to earn money online.

You will not get rich from clicking at PTC websites, but there are things you can do to increase the amount of money you are making from them.

I have put together a few tips that will surely benefit you in the long run. Enjoy!

Tips that will help you be more successful with Paid to Click:

Plan Well

If you are new to the industry, you need to have a plan and be on a strict budget. Having a plan will help avoid unnecessary losses and keeps you from making major mistakes. Mistakes happen, but you can have a plan to help avoid them. A plan can be as simple as, ‘What websites to join’, ‘How much you will spend at the websites’, ‘What you are going to buy’, ‘What is a strategy’, etc… A plan is a crucial step many people never take. Be sure to have a plan.

Don’t Spend Money You Can’t Afford To Lose

Well, the PTC industry if full of scams and you can fall prey to them when you are new. With that said, you should NEVER spend all your money on one site hoping you will make profit. The website can quit paying anytime and the only way to get your money back is to file a dispute. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Avoid that in the first place by not spending money you will need soon, because no one is guaranteeing you will earn anything back.

Stick With Trusted Websites

If you start out your journey by joining a bunch of new, untrusted PTC websites, you will waste a LOT of time and possibly money. 9 out of 10 newly launched PTC websites will not be paying within 3 months. By sticking with the old trusted websites, you are more likely to not lose money. I’m not saying you won’t lose money, but if you play your cards right, ask questions and make sure the site is old and trusted, you should be safe from websites that scam their members.

Get Both, Direct Referrals and Rented Referrals

Having DR and RR is better than one or the other. DR are people you personally referred to the site and RR and ‘members’ you can rent for a specific number of days and earn money when they click. More is better. Always make sure you have a plan and keep a strict budget.

Have Extra Income

When you first start out, you NEED to have an extra income or at least some extra money. You will not get far at all if you only are trying to earn enough money from your own clicks and any DR or RR you happened to receive from advertising using free methods. Having that extra income gives you a head start and helps your accounts grow. I’m not saying you can’t make a lot of money starting with no money, but it doesn’t happen that often.

Make Your Account Profitable

Sometimes, when you have RR, you account can be unprofitable and you lose money. That’s never good… So, figure out what the problem is and fix it. Most of the time, it’s inactive RR. Recycle a specific number each day and move on. With enough time and effort, your account can be profitable. Also, make sure you are clicking the minimum number of advertisements required by the website to earn money from your referrals clicks and purchases. If you are supposed to click 4 ads, but you only click 3 ads, you will not earn from your RR or DR for the next day. That’s how most websites are.

Ask Members If Site Is Profitable And How To Make Profit

If you are not sure what to do, ask others for help! You can’t be shy and expect things to always work out. When things happen at a website, good or bad, people go to the forum to talk about it. That’s where you need to spend some time if you are having problems or need help with a specific problem. Most of the time, someone can help you out. For instance, if you want to learn a RR strategy, go to the forum and look for other topics for your issue. If their are none, make your own topic and usually someone will help you.

Use Multiple Payment Processors

I’ve already mentioned this tip, but it’s a good one. Always use more than one payment processor. Some sites don’t offer your favorite one and you need to have a backup. As an example: You only use PayPal. Most PTC websites don’t have PayPal as an option now. You must have a backup, such as Payza.

Pay Your Taxes 

Yes, taxes have to be paid on the income you earn from PTC websites. Anything you earn online, you have to pay taxes on it. Consult your government’s official website to see how much you have to pay on the money you earned from PTC websites. Money spent on your business = Expenses. Money earned from your business = Income. Income – Expenses = Profit. You usually need to pay taxes on the profit if you are self-employed. Like I said, consult your government’s official website for more details.

Keep GREAT Records

Always keep great records on money you earned, and money you spent. This helps you determine your monthly expenses, monthly profit/loss, and helps you better understand if you are actually making money. It helps you find a budget as well.

I also wrote a few articles on one of my other websites that explain a few topics you need to know about.

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When you follow all the steps I’ve given, you shouldn’t have a problem being successful in the PTC industry. You have to build your knowledge and be prepared for the worst.

You will receive more tips throughout these lessons, but that’s all for now.

Next lesson you will learn what you need to check before joining a PTC website. Then you will learn more about Direct Referrals and how to get DR to your favorite PTC websites. After that, you will learn more about Rented Referrals. But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

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