What You MUST Check Before Joining New PTC Websites

There are certain things you ALWAYS need to check for before joining a new PTC website.

I hate to break it to you like this, but a LOT of PTC websites are a scam, or they will become a scam soon.

You do not want to join those sites because you won’t get paid. There are a few things to look at before you join a PTC website you are interested in.

Below, I check out a website I am interested in joining, UniClique. I am going to share what I always look for and what you should always look for as well.

What You Should Always Check For Before Joining A New Paid To Click Website

You need to check:

Latest Payments

The very first thing I check is the latest payments page to see if the website made payments recently. I also check to see how much the minimum withdrawal is on that page. You can tell because a lot of people cash-out as soon as they reach the minimum and the payment proof page will usually reflect that. You have to be careful though. Sometimes, if the site is a scam the owner will show fake payment proofs. It’s hard to spot so be sure to check everything else below.

latest payments

Below is an image from UniClique. The payments are from yesterday, which is a good sign. I also recognize one of the members, so I know they are not fake payment proofs.

How you will get paid

I check to see what payment processor the website uses and I make sure they support one I use. If they not, I do not join the site. Some websites state they operate with a specific processor, but when you check the latest payment proofs, they haven’t made payments through that processor. You can even check the Payment Proof section in the forum if you are still not sure. Most of the time the PTC website will show what payment methods they offer on the bottom of their site, in the footer. As for Uniclique, they seem to have a LOT of payment options available. Looking through a few pages of payment proofs, I noticed they use Payza, Bitcoin, Visa, Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay. I am sure they use OkPay and Paytoo as well, but they are not as popular as the others.

How much money can you earn

I check to see how much I can earn from clicking advertisements, rented referrals, direct referrals, offers, surveys, etc… This usually isn’t a deal breaker, but I would like to know how much I can make. This can usually be found on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or Terms of Use page. UniClique doesn’t state on their FAQ page or Terms page exactly how much you can earn. The only thing I found was on the Home page that said you can earn up to $.04 per click and up to $.02 per referral click. That doesn’t tell me a lot, but it’s not a deal breaker. I will eventually learn myself.

The Terms of Use and Frequently Asked Questions

EVERY websites’ Terms of service and FAQ page should be unique. I always read to make sure they have a reasonable TOS to work with. If they don’t have a TOS, I don’t join. That means they are not serious about their site. The FAQ page is also a place where the admin answers questions about their website. The FAQ page can give you a whole lot of information about the site. Both seem to be unique on UniClique and that is what I am always looking for.

terms and FAQ

The forum and see what others are saying

Most of the time, when a site quits paying or something happens with the site, the members will go to the forum and create a topic to find out what is going on. I look for good and bad topics and get an idea of what the site is like and if the admin is answering any of the questions. UniClique has a forum and there doesn’t seem to be any negative posts. So, that’s good.

How much it costs to advertise

If the prices are unrealistic, I do not join the site. If no one is advertising at the website, the website will not be making money and the members won’t have advertisements to view. You will learn a lot about advertising soon. Advertisements at UniClique seem to be fairly priced. There are many options to choose from and anyone can afford them.

advertisement costs

How many Self-Sponsored Advertisements are available

Too many Self-Sponsored Advertisements and the owner is putting himself in debt. Too few and the members may not click there, especially if there are no real advertisers paying money to show their website. Uniclique has 4 for free members valued at $.005 each ($.02/day). That’s not much at all, but it could add up. I’ve never ran a PTC website, but anything over $.02/day for free members can add up.

self sponsored advertisements

Who is the owner and can they be trusted

Go to the forum and see who the owner is and who the admin is. Sometimes they will include their picture and sometimes they do not. Ask questions and find out if the owner ran previous sites that turned out to be a scam. If so, don’t join it. If the website is owned by someone you feel like you can trust, then stick with it. The UniClique admin is actually the owner of CliqueBook and CliqueSteria, which are two paying sites.

How old is the website

I personally don’t join any new PTC website anymore. I got tired of dealing with scams and wasting my time and money. I stick with the old and trusted sites that have proven they will not quit paying. You should try and stick with the old ones as well. UniClique is fairly new, but since the owner has two other websites, I am more willing to join it.

Look of the Website

If the website is ugly, poorly designed or made with an old or useless script, I won’t join it. However, just because the website looks good and was designed well, doesn’t mean the website will last any longer. I’ve seen so many websites go scam, I can’t even put a number on it. UniClique has a very professional looking PTC website.

In Conclusion:

I personally believe that the owner of UniClique is an honest businessman and his sites will continue to pay. Click HERE if you want to join UniClique (Not my referral link).

There is a lot you need to check for before joining a PTC website.

Not all websites will benefit you and it is important to understand that. Some start with the sole intention to scam you and make as much money as possible.

You need to stick with old and trusted ones that will be here for years to come and not ones that will pop up and disappear in about 3 months. You want to find a reliable income source with PTC, and not lose money to a bunch of new sites.

Trust me, I had to learn the hard way.

You do not have too.

Keep following the training and you will be off to a great start.

If you want to join Uni

If you have any questions or need any help, leave a comment below and you will receive a response very soon.

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