Make Money From Paid To Click Websites

So far you have learned how the Paid to Click (PTC) industry works and you set yourself up to be able to send and receive money online, securely.

If you are continuing from the last lesson, you should already be a member at, at least one PTC website.

Start Over or go to the Previous Lesson if you do not know what I am referring too.

Your next step is to learn how to make money with PTC websites. Yeah, were getting to the good stuff now!

Once you login to the PTC website you are a member at, you will see the members area.

This image is from UniClique, instantly after joining:

PTC Website Dashboard

(Every website is unique and it will be different)

It may seem confusing, but it’s really simple, once you browse through everything and get the idea of what and where everything is.

Now, I wanted to explain exactly…

How To Make Money From Paid To Click Websites

Most PTC websites allow members to earn money by:

Viewing Advertisements

Members can view advertisers websites for a certain amount of time and be paid a specific amount of money. Most advertisements range from $.001 – $.02. All PTC websites offer this option to make money. Visit the “View Ads” or “View Advertisements” tab at the website to see websites you can visit. Most websites require you to stay on the advertisement to get credit. Also, most PTC websites will not allow you to view more than 1 advertisement at a time.

click advertisements get paid

Completing Surveys

Some PTC websites have the ability for members to earn money for completing surveys offered by a third party. Companies love to pay people to take surveys and PTC websites can be the middleman that connects the companies to the individuals to take the surveys. Most pay between $.10 – $2.00 (Some more or less). I’ve seen images and websites that say that can connect people with $50+ surveys, but I’m not too sure about that.

paid surveys

Completing Offers

A lot of PTC websites are implementing ‘Offer Walls’ which have offers from companies and individuals that are available for members to earn money for doing simple things. Offers can be getting paid cash back for purchasing products, viewing videos, visiting websites for a certain time, joining websites, printing coupons, etc… Companies pay for a lot of different things. Offers can pay you anything above $.01.

Compete Offers get paid

Completing Tasks

Tasks are different from offers. Tasks require you to basically solve problems or figure things out for a company. Such as figuring out what a voice is saying and translate it to text. Most tasks pay above $.02. CrowdFlower is usually the company that provides tasks for PTC websites members to complete.

Complete tasks get paid

Referring Members (Direct Referrals)

Direct Referrals (DR) are people you have personally referred to a specific PTC website. Direct Referrals can earn you money when they earn money or spend money. Commissions vary for each site but most pay anywhere from 5% – 100%+ commissions. It depends on the website and what your membership is at that website. Different memberships will pay different referral commissions. You will learn a LOT more on how to get the Direct Referrals lesson later on.

Renting Referrals

A lot of PTC websites offer Rented Referrals (RR). RR are referrals you can rent for a specific number of time. You can earn a certain percentage of every click the RR makes. Most PTC websites will probably say that RR are real people, but they are not. They are part of the websites script and the click average is controlled by the Admin of the website. RR can be profitable, but it’s not easy. You will learn more later.

Winning Money Clicking at a Grid

Grids are also at a lot of PTC websites. When you visit the grid, you can click anywhere on the grid and possibly win a specific amount of money. PTC websites will pay anywhere from $.01 to $10 when you win. You only have a specific number of clicks you can make daily. If you win, the amount you won goes straight to your PTC website account and can be withdrew.

Click the grid win money

Winning Contests

Some PTC websites hold contests in which you can actually win real money. There can be points contest (most points in certain time frame), referral contests (most referrals in certain time frame) and possibly other types of contests.

Paid to Sign up

PTSU is where you can get paid a specific amount of money after signing up to a website using the referral link of the person who is paying you. You can get paid more to join old sites and less to join newer sites.

Traffic Exchanges (pays for certain amount of websites surfed)

A few PTC websites have a traffic exchange built into their website. Some will pay you a certain amount of money to surf a specific number of websites.

Earning Points (converts to money) 

Quite a few PTC websites have a points feature. When you collect points, you can convert your points to money and you can extend your RR using points at some PTC websites. The price of a point will vary between sites. Some may be $.0005 for 1 point or more or less.

Deposit Bonus 

Sometimes PTC websites offer a deposit bonus. Meaning, if you deposit a specific amount of money to the website, the PTC website will add money to your purchase balance as a bonus. You can use the deposit bonus to purchase advertisements, purchase or extend RR, but you can not withdraw it.

Remember, every PTC website is unique and the ways they offer to make money will vary.

Some PTC websites may only offer advertisements, and some may offer every method, or only a few methods.

I covered every method I have ever saw on a PTC website to make money, except for Revenue Sharing. But, I am not a fan of Revenue sharing.

When you are being active at a website and earning money using all or most of the methods above, you can be earning a decent income daily.

You want to know what’s even better?

When you recruit active Direct Referrals who are making money and spending money. That means, you will be earning a percentage of what they are earning. We will get to that in a couple of lessons.

Next, I want to share a few tips (my opinion) on how to be successful with Paid to Click websites.

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