Make Money From Rented Referrals

I have mentioned Rented Referrals (RR) a few times and now it is time I explain what they are and how they can benefit you.

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Rented Referrals are ‘members’ at a PTC website that you can rent for a specific number of days and they can earn you money when they click.

Most PTC websites will offer Rented Referrals.

The difference between Rented Referrals and Direct Referrals are:

– DR are Real People, RR are NOT. Some websites may try and claim that RR are real people, but they are just part of the websites script. The PTC website administrator can also control how active the RR are (how much you make).

– DR can earn you commissions for purchases, RR only earn you money from their ‘clicks’.

– DR are yours for the life of the website and RR are only yours for as long as you rent them.

– RR require a strategy to make profit from while DR do not. Recruit them and that’s about it.

Rented Referrals usually cost about $.20 for 1 RR for 30 days. Most websites allow you to purchase 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200+ Rented Referrals at a time.

You can make money if the RR earns you more than you spent on them. Making profit!

It’s not as easy as it sounds though.

“Why not, David? I spend $1.00 for 5 RR for 30 days and the RR makes me profit, right?”

Nope, that’s usually not the case. If that is the case, the website is probably unsustainable and will lose a lot of money.

All websites that offer RR, will allow you to extend your RR for a longer period of time (between 15 and 365 days), and you will receive a discount when you extend them for longer.

Of course, it costs more money and you will not make your money back as fast as you would like to, but that’s what I recommend doing.

Extending your Rented Referrals for as long as possible to receive a discount and have a higher chance at breaking even or making profit.

A lot of times, RR will quit clicking and will not earn you anything.

To combat that, there is a feature that allows you to Recycle your RR for a new one. The new RR is not guaranteed to click or be active, but if your old RR was not clicking at all for a specific period of time, it’s sometimes better to recycle the inactive RR.

However, there is a cost to recycle your RR and it can cut into your profit margin and change your Break Even Point (more on that later).

It usually costs anywhere from $.04 to $.10 to recycle 1 RR and get a new one. Every website is unique and the price to recycle will vary. Neobux is $.07 for Standard members.

Which is another major influence in how much your RR are earning you.

Your Membership at the PTC website.

Free members will almost always earn less from RR than upgraded members will.

Upgraded members can earn a whole lot more, especially when they have a LOT of RR and even DR.

What membership you need will depend on how many DR and RR you have and how much they are earning you.

Upgraded members will probably be able to earn double than what free members are earning.

A simple way to think about it is, if you are earning $0.50/day from RR and DR (you reached the maximum RR and DR count for this example) and the upgraded membership costs $15/Month, and you would double the amount you earn daily, would it be best to upgrade?

Let’s do the math…

Free Membership:

$.50 x 30/days = $15 in 30 days.


$1.00 x 30 = $30 in 30 days.

You would not make any more money than you were as a free member. You would make $15 profit since the monthly membership is $15.

However, if you Rented more RR or recruited more DR, you could make more money.

Let’s say you started to earn $2/day since you can get more RR and DR now.

$2 x 30/days = $60 in 30 days. You would make $45 profit since the membership is $15.

This is only an example. This is not a real example from any specific website. Every website will be different in terms of earning. This gives you an idea of what you need to be thinking and doing to earn money.

You want to make money, not lose money.

8 Tips to Make Profit From Rented Referrals

1. Extend them for as long as possible, usually 240 days to receive a discount.

2. Rent as many RR as you can afford to and extend them for the longest time possible.

3. Reach the maximum RR limit and make sure they are all extended for the longest time possible. Never use autopay.

4. Upgrade your account when you know it is profitable (find out your BEP).

5. Depending on your membership, you can have your RR be auto recycled (free) or pay to recycle them if you think you will lose money to wait for the RR to auto recycle.

6. Manage your RR every single day and calculate your BEP everyday to make sure you are not losing money.

7. Recycle the Inactive ones and keep the Active ones who are profitable.

8. Make sure you save enough money to be able to extend the old RR for the longest time again. If you are constantly renting new RR and extending them for the longest time, when it comes time for the RR to be renewed, you need to make sure you have the necessary amount to do so, or you can just let them expire. Some websites will charge a fee for that.

Learn how to find your Break Even Point

BEP is when your total costs for RR and the amount you have earned is equal.

There is a simple to¬† this website called Neobux Love and it’s what I recommend you to learn how to find your BEP from as well.

They explain it way better than I can.

Click Here To Learn How To Calculate Your BEP

If you would rather not do the math, I found a website that does the math for you.

Click Here to Find Your BEP Without Doing The Math

Every website that offers RR will be different when it comes to the BEP, average clicks, how active RR, how much you can earn, etc…

The BEP formula will be different for every website, but it will have the same premise…

Find the average number of clicks your RR needs to make to break even. If the RR earns you more than what you spent, that’s your profit.

Your BEP will depend on a lot of different factors such as your membership, extension time, how many RR you have, how active they are, how many RR you recycled, etc…

To Summarize:

Rent Referrals and extend them for the longest time possible. Find Your BEP and recycle the ones who are not profitable. Upgrade your account when/if necessary.

That’s about it.

Rented Referrals provide you with a chance to make money, but you won’t make money when you do not extend them. That’s just the way it is. If you do make profit from RR and you do not extend them, the website will not be sustainable and you should be hesitant about the site.

The next lesson will be a quick one explaining two features that deal with Rented Referrals, AutoPay and AutoRenew.

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