Understanding AutoPay and AutoRenew

This is going to be a quick explanation of what AutoPay and AutoRenew means (dealing with Rented Referrals (RR).

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AutoPay is the process of setting up your RR to automatically be extended daily when they click at least 1 advertisement that day.

You pay a specific amount when the RR clicks that day and the RR is extended for 1 more day.

If the RR does not click, you do not pay anything and the RR does not get extended.

You will receive a discount when you use autopay, the same as extending your RR. However, the discount is usually low, between 10 and 20 percent.

You can get over 30% discount when you extend for 240 days.

Also, you must make sure you have enough money in your purchase balance everyday to cover the costs of autopay. Some PTC websites may take it out of your main balance while other websites may quit paying for the RR daily until you have enough in your purchase balance.

The image below is from Neobux. It shows the discount you will receive if you have autopay enabled, compared to if you extend your RR instead.

neobux RR prices

The price of RR and autopay price will be determined by how many RR you have.

neobux RR prices


AutoRenew is a completely different process than autopay.

When autorenew is enabled, your RR will automatically be extended when they reach a specific number of days before expiring.

You are responsible for choosing how long the RR are extended for and the day the RR will be renewed.

For example: You could have your RR AutoRenew for 240 days when they reach 10 days before expiration.

AutoRenew is basically a way to avoid losing your RR if you forget to extend them, or if you have a lot of RR and you do not want to extend them manually everyday.

neobux autorenew


When you have both AutoPay and AutoRenew enabled, you will not lose any RR as long as you have enough in your Account or Purchase balances to pay for AutoPay and AutoRenew everyday.

You won’t see as much money in your account everyday when both are activated, but the money you earn and see is usually profit. Just make sure you always have enough to cover your daily expenses.

That’s where finding your BEP comes in handy to understand if you are making profit or not, and recycle the unprofitable RR.

Again, if you did not read the last lesson, be sure to check that out to learn how to make profit from RR.

What I recommend

If you only have a small amount of RR, don’t use either option.

I would only use autopay when you can’t afford to extend for very long periods of time.

Use autorenew if you have a LOT of RR.

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